Wired Master Clock Systems

2-Wire Digital Communication

The 2-Wire System is a high-tech solution for keeping time in sync. Here's the breakdown: The SMA Series Master Clock sends time data to a Converter Box, which gets power locally at 110-240VAC. This box has two jobs—it adjusts voltage to power secondary clocks and sends time data every second over the same electrical wires. With a smart design, the system is easy to install and doesn't need regular maintenance.

You can mix and match analog and digital clocks on the same system, and you can add as many Converter Boxes as you need. This makes it great for small places with 20 clocks or big projects with 5,000 clocks or more. The Master Clock smoothly sends time data to both the 2-Wire System and most other systems, making an upgrade easy.

Sync-Wire Systems, once popular, are still in use in many places. In this system, the main clock corrects the other clocks every hour for minute and second synchronization, and twice a day for the hour, ensuring everything is perfectly synced every 12 hours. The clocks are adaptable, working with different sync-wire protocols and running on 24V, 110 VAC, or 230 VAC.

A typical Sync-Wire System starts with a main clock sending time data to other clocks. The main clock can also correct other sync-wire clocks, and specific clock series may be corrected by other main clocks, depending on the sync-wire protocols. Importantly, main clocks can sync both their own clocks and other sync-wire clocks at the same time. Super flexible, the Sync-Wire System is a great choice for updating older places and fixing outdated sync-wire setups.

Sync-Wire Communication

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