NTP Wi-Fi Clock System

The Wi-Fi Clock System seamlessly integrates wireless simplicity with comprehensive control. Eliminating the need for physical wiring between clocks, the system allows for effortless synchronization over Wi-Fi from either an internet source or an in-house NTP Server. The setup is straightforward—power the clocks, connect to the network, set them, and the system is operational.

Wi-Fi Clocks connect to the wireless network, offering the flexibility to sync with any NTP server, rendering a master clock optional. Pre-programmed with internet NTP server web addresses, each clock can be efficiently configured and managed through an intuitive built-in web interface accessible from computers or mobile devices.

This system is particularly advantageous for facilities with dispersed clocks or multi-building campuses, leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, eliminating the need for inter-clock wiring. Each Wi-Fi clock can independently secure accurate time from multiple online NTP servers, providing flexibility regarding the necessity for a master clock.

The user-friendly web interface ensures efficient clock setting and control, offering diagnostic insights and troubleshooting capabilities. The inclusion of Network Clock Monitoring Software enhances supervisory capabilities, allowing for clock oversight and the configuration of alerts. The Wi-Fi Clock System proves to be an ideal solution for diverse applications, accommodating both extensive projects with numerous clocks and smaller installations with scattered timepieces.

NTP Wi-Fi Clock System Philippines


Clock Monitoring Software

Manage the entire clock system and make system-wide changes using this simple PC program. This program will display all of the clocks that are present on the network and allow you to check on their status.

Time Server Synchronization Redundancy

Store up to 10 internal or external (S)NTP server addresses (IP address/domain) to ensure synchronization in the event that one of the servers fails to respond/communicate.

Cost Efficient

Since the clocks receive the time via the facility’s existing Wi-Fi
infrastructure, running wires between the clocks going to a network switch is not required, this results to reducing installation and maintenance cost. Clocks are powered by AC or DC supply.

Built-in web user interface

Each clock has a web interface built right in, allowing the user to configure features such as 12/24 hour mode (digital clocks only), time zone offset, time source, network settings, domestic and international Daylight Saving Time, etc.

Energy Efficient

Our NTP digital clocks can be set to lower the brightness or turn off the time display at a pre-scheduled time for power consumption efficiency.

Optional Master clock 

A local master clock or NTP server is optional. All clocks are capable to synchronize their time in your existing local NTP server or free internet time servers.

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