Synchronized Clock Solutions

Discover superior quality and lasting durability with our synchronized clock systems in the Philippines. Engineered for precision timing and built to withstand the test of time.

Elevate your time management, coordination, and productivity across your organization. 

PAGASA upgraded their Digital Clock network by investing in high-quality and reliable Synchronized Clocks from CSI.

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PAGASA Central Office

Double-sided configuration using our Prestigeline NTP PoE Digital Clock with 20 cm. LED display. 

FACT: Crafted from thermo-moulded polycarbonate, our Prestigeline clocks boast a lightweight yet durable design. They are rust-proof, impact-resistant, and UV-resistant, with an impressive operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C

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PAGASA Central Office 

Double-sided configuration every floor using our premium ZS series NTP PoE Digital Clock with 10 cm. LED display. 

FACT: Every ZS series clock is equipped with a built-in RTC quartz oscillator, ensuring time accuracy remains unaffected in the event of a connection loss from the time server.

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PAGASA Central Office

Single-sided configuration using our Prestigeline NTP PoE Digital Clock with 10 cm. LED display and GPS receiver-antenna (for back-up time source).

FACT: Each Prestigeline clocks has the option to have a GPS receiver-antenna that enables the clock to receive precise time information from GPS satellites. The GPS Module uses a 50-channel u-blox 6 positioning engine boasting a TTFF (Time-To-First-Fix) of under 1 second.

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PAGASA Weather & Flood Forecasting Center 

Double-sided configuration using our Prestigeline NTP PoE Digital Clock with 20 cm. LED display.

FACT: Each Prestigeline clock features a built-in lighting sensor, allowing for real-time adjustment of display brightness to match the current lighting conditions of its surroundings.

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PAGASA Weather & Flood Forecasting Center 

Two units showing two time zones (UTC and PHsT) using our  premium ZS series NTP PoE Digital Clock with 10 cm. LED display.

FACT: Each ZS series clock has a unique standard feature where it can also act as a master clock for other clocks in the network or as an (S)NTP server which provides time to other NTP enabled IP devices in the facility.

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Double-sided configuration using our Prestigeline 20 cm. NTP PoE Digital Clock. 

Fact: Each of our Prestigeline clocks features an IP66 enclosure rating, guaranteeing complete dust-tightness and protection against powerful jets of water. This ensures the durability and resilience of our clocks, delivering reliable performance even in demanding environments.


"Time is important because it is the one thing we can never get back."

- DOST-PAGASA Astronomical Publication and Planetarium Unit Chief, Mr. Mario M. Raymundo emphasized this statement during the 2024 National Time Consciousness Week, mandated by Republic Act 10535 —- which aims to promote public awareness of the importance of time.


Explore our range of premium synchronized clock solutions tailored to address your unique requirements both today and in the future.

Wireless Master Clock System

A Wireless Master Clock System is a timekeeping setup featuring a central master clock that communicates wirelessly with synchronized clocks across a designated area. The master clock serves as the authoritative time source, transmitting precise time signals without the need for physical connections. This wireless communication ensures uniform and accurate time display on all synchronized clocks throughout the system. 

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Wired Master Clock System

A Wired Master Clock System establishes precise timekeeping by connecting a central master clock to synchronized clocks through physical cables. This wired setup guarantees identical time display across all clocks, thanks to automatic synchronization. Ideal for environments where wired connections are practical, this system is recognized for its reliability in transmitting interference-free time signals. Widely adopted in schools, offices, and manufacturing plants, it ensures consistent and accurate time management.

NTP PoE Clock System

A NTP PoE Clock System is a timekeeping solution that utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) technology and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to synchronize and power clocks within a network. This system combines the advantages of IP-based communication and PoE, allowing for efficient distribution of time signals and streamlined installation. With a central time source, synchronized clocks receive both accurate time information and power through a single Ethernet cable. 

NTP Wi-Fi Clock System

A NTP Wi-Fi Clock System is a timekeeping solution that utilizes Wi-Fi technology to synchronize clocks within a network. Clocks connect wirelessly to a central time source, such as a master clock or network time server, ensuring consistent and accurate time display across the system. With the flexibility of Wi-Fi, clocks can be placed conveniently within a facility, and the system automatically maintains synchronization. 

GPS-direct SynClock

A GPS-direct SynClock is a timekeeping device that relies on signals directly from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to synchronize and display highly accurate time information that conforms with Philippine Standard Time. 

Time Zone Clocks 

A time zone clock, also referred to as a world clock or multi-time zone clock, is a timekeeping device that displays the current time in various geographical regions simultaneously. These clocks feature multiple displays, each representing a specific time zone, often accompanied by city labels for quick identification. 

Synchronized Tower Clocks

A Synchronized Tower Clock is a large and highly visible timekeeping device often mounted on towers or prominent structures. It is designed to display accurate time synchronized with a central time source. These clocks, strategically placed for visibility, feature large clock faces and hands and are known for their aesthetic design, complementing the architecture of the building. Synchronized with various methods such as GPS, radio signals, or network protocols, these clocks serve a practical function by providing precise time to the public.

Time Servers  

A Time Server is a device or software application that ensures accurate and synchronized time across devices within a network. It achieves this by employing protocols like NTP or PTP to distribute precise time information. Time servers receive accurate time data from authoritative sources, such as atomic clocks or GPS, and relay this information to other networked devices. Key attributes include precision, stability, reliability, and, in some cases, security features. Time servers find applications in networked systems, security, financial transactions, and telecommunications, playing a crucial role in maintaining consistent and accurate timekeeping across various environments in the Philippines.

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